About biw biw

biw biw is a skincare and beauty brand providing  simple, inclusive, and accessible skincare and beauty  products that deliver proven results quickly and easily to  help women of color with busy lifestyles feel more  confident, empowered, and beautiful in their skin. 

The biw biw Brand Promise 

‘Beautifully Simple Skincare’ 

This promise guides everything we do at biw biw.  Under this promise stand the 3 core pillars of the biw biw  brand experience that together ensure we fulfil our  promise to our customers. 

- Simplicity. 

biw biw is simply about making skincare simple - easy  to use products with multiple benefits in one, proven  results quickly, no complexity, clean ingredients, and  a supportive brand ready to help customers wherever  they need it. 

- Inclusivity. 

biw biw products are safe and suitable for all skin tones,  with a broad product portfolio addressing different  skincare issues, as well as a variety of product options  in the make-up and accessories categories to support  consumer’s different beauty and skincare routines.  

- Accessibility. 

biw biw helps consumers to join the family with products  available across retail stores and online at competitive  prices, with beauty advisors available to aid customers.  Biw biw is also building a wider ecosystem that supports  women on their skincare journey with education and  initiatives.  

Product Portfolio 

Our portfolio is segmented into 3 categories 

biw biw Skincare: 4 in 1 face cream, charcoal mask,   melasma dark spot correcting serum 

biw biw Make-up: color cosmetics 

biw biw Accessories: make-up brushes, haircare   headbands, biw-ty blenders,   vanity bags